Tuesday, August 07, 2012

So, it hasn't rained here in Italy for something like 3 months.  I know we're not alone --places all over are suffering from drought. I can't really complain. I still have the city water in my house and for the front garden (which hasn't always been the case) and unlike others, I don't depend on my orto crops for my livelihood.  All the same, I've been doing a rain dance everyday for a week now.  I even washed my car... that always guarantees rain, doesn't it?

I can't complain but I will anyway.  The scarcity of water brings out the worst in the Maberghini (people of Maberga), myself included.

A nameless neighbor ran my vasca dry over night about a week ago.  F**ker.  So it's fighting time.  Someone has to stand up for my tomatoes, which can't do for themselves since they are totally wilty from lack of water.

So I went to the Self...the place for everything you need for DIY, except the knowledge to actually do it.  I, once again, arrived there without having any clue what I needed to buy to fix my problem.  Instead, I had a vague idea that I would get a "piece that would connect my hose to a tap".  I did know that the tap was female and that it was the size of my thumb.

Damn if I didn't run into a really really nice friend who I hadn't seen in years.

L:  Ciao Aldo!
A: Ciao Leeeennnn!  Che ci fai qui?!  (what are YOU doing HERE)
L: blah blah blah, water war, blah blah blah, some random piece, blah blah blah.
A: Come on.  I'll help you.

Half an hour later Aldo was doing this to the random piece that I needed to buy.

Apparently most taps to which hoses get attached are male, not female, like mine.  So I needed a male instead of a female piece, and I needed that male to have the diameter of my thumb.  In italian, they measure in metric, but they also use inches sometimes.  In italian an inch is called a pollice (which translates as"a thumb".  perfect!) So we....ok ok ok, Aldo found said random 1 inch male piece.  But it had an extra little bit on the end that I didn't need, so he cut it off.

Going home astonished at my luck at running into Aldo and very enthusiastic to DIY some water works for my poor tomatoes, I headed up to the orto only to discover....

I have a 3/4 sized thumb.  

Yep. My circumcised garden hose piece was too big.

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  1. Mike in Boulder12:03 AM

    Ain't home ownership fun!