Monday, August 20, 2012

Wondering why I haven't posted any photos of my new upstairs?  Yeah, well, that's because it was just finished SATURDAY.  Yep, 3 weeks after I was promised it would be done and 4 days after the arrival of our house guest.

Having just bitched about it, I want to say that I can't really complain....I LOVE IT!!!!

Just a glimse for now because it's been so hot here that I have been hardly able to move any part of my body, including my index finger to click photos.


  1. Mike in Boulder7:17 PM


    Air conditioning next?


  2. It looks wonderful and am I right that it is an open area now? It was really worth waiting for.
    Also I am happy that you talk about warm weather. Having had this rainy windy summer in DK we really need some sun (and maybe like Mike suggest some air conditioning will be needed)
    See you next week.