Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just call me John Madden

So, I learned a new trick on the computer. Let's see if you can figure out what it is, shall we?

Olive News...
Do you all know what an olive blossom looks like? I didn't until I moved to Italy. Here's one:

The trees are covered with them now, promising loads of "liquid gold" in the autumn. Right now they are producing loads of powdered gold pollen all over everything.

Knitting News...
I was invited to participate in another artisan market in July. Of course I said yes, given that the Easter market was such a money maker. So now, as is my way, I am frantically trying to make enough stuff to fill my little table. I've decided "little purses" is the way to go. Here's one:

I've made two more since that one but I will save those for tomorrow when I'm sure I will have nothing to talk about.

I've also started this fine project with the Lamb's Pride wool I bought in Wisconsin:

I love this yarn. That is the back of the sweater with all those checks and the two color ribbed cuff. I was thinking of striped sleeves but knitting friend Mette cautioned me against it. I heard her warning - "people might vomit from dizziness when looking at you in the sweater with all that going on" but I'm still considering it anyway.

Random News...
Having been to a "proper" italian bbq on Saturday night (ie: it was hosted by Italians) we learned just exactly how over the top one is supposed to go when purchasing the meat for such an occasion. Anxious to use our new knowledge, we had a little bbq of our own on Sunday in celebration of Luigi's birthday. Here we are:

Here's the meat we had:

In other randomness...

Many thanks for all the congratulations on the pergola coverage but it was actually a trick of photography. Here it is from another angle:

The circle shows the not-covered part. That arrow is pointing to our view of the sea - that has nothing really to do with the pergola but I thought I'd point it out just because I can.

So, can you guess what I've learned to do on my computer?

By the way, this post was originally called "Just call me Steve Madden" until David pointed out to me that I probably mean JOHN Madden the sports guy who likes to draw all over the screen while he is announcing football games and not Steve Madden, my favorite shoe designer.

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  1. EarleinDenver3:49 PM

    Well maybe Steve Madden draws little yellow arrows on his designs because he just learned how to do it also.
    Looking good!