Friday, June 09, 2006

Time to catch up on some missing photos from past blogs...don't cha think?

Remember when I tried to squeeze my car between that cliff and the APE? Here is that most famous and functional of Italian forms of transport (it's not the exact APE that scratched me, it's just an example) . Looks harmless doesn't it?

And maybe some of you were wondering how the pergola grape vines are doing. This is them in the evening. Nice, no?

And remember that checkerboard that almost institutionalized me (again)? Here it is:

I know you've all been enjoying the other picture of my new green sweater. Here is a close up on the buttons I made:

And now I'm going for broke...I'm going to try to post a photo that I haven't been able to shrink down yet (I can't figure out how to do it on this new computer...there are many things about this new one I can't figure out but I'll save that for another blog - or maybe for Earle-in-Denver when he is Earle-in-Maberga in September). I'm happy to introduce La Signora (I don't know her name):

Yes, that would be my new favorite person, the owner of the yarn store (to get perspective on the shop - and so you know I wasn't lying about it's size - I'm standing in the doorway making the photo)

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  1. bigsis6:49 PM

    I love your green sweater. I am also SO happy that you two have decided to hire a contractor to do work for you rather than you trying to do it yourselves!! Smart cookie. I love your new friend too. She looks really sweet.