Monday, June 26, 2006

Let us pray....and eat.

So, as I said, Sunday we had a little celebration at the church in Maberga soprana.

I got there early to help set up. You'd be surprised how many people it takes to get ready for a mass. The preparing was as beautiful as the service and the lunch. We were like a group of neighborhood kids getting ready for a party in our tree house. When we needed something someone would take their clippers and head out into the gardens or the woods and come back with something beautiful or useful.

While we were getting the church ready, some ladies were preparing the food.

By the time the frate arrived, we were ready.

Then at 11.00 sharp someone rang the church bell and we all assembled (perhaps the first event I've attended in Italy that started on time).

We prayed, and sang, and said mia colpa. It was really beautiful. (am I overusing that word?)

Then we ate.

And drank.

And chatted.

And hung out.

Then we went inside and ate some more.

Then I went home and took a big ol' nap.

Here ends this post. Amen and buon appetito.

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  1. Earleindenver11:15 PM

    Great pics, thanks for sharing the good times.