Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A birthday...

I know I promised more photos from the Maberga celebration but you will just have to wait. Something more important has come up - today is my sister's birthday (that and I'm having technical difficutlties trying to get so many photos in one post).

I'd like you all to know that my smart, funny, generous, beautiful sister turned 40-something today. (I DO know that she turned 42 today but I'm not sure she wants all of you to know that). Anyway, she's a really great mom/wife/daughter/sister, a bad-ass school board president, not such a great cook (but she orders really well at the restaurant) and an all around swell gal.

Happy birthday, Laur. I'm really glad that mom and dad adopted you.


  1. What a very, very nice thing to do. How amazingly thoughtful, and you're not the thoughtful type. How did you know Laurie was adopted??

  2. bigsis5:35 AM

    I WAS NOT adopted!! Dad was adopted. Thank you, Lynn!! That was a really nice thing for you to post today!! You're the best. XOXO Laurie

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