Monday, June 19, 2006


Like I've said, Italians don't usually ask "So, what do you do?" But if they did my response would be this, "I fix things. Things in my house break and I try to get them fixed. It's a full time job, thanks. In my spare time I knit and teach a little english."

Today in my day-timer appeared: 1. dog's ear. 2. computer.

Yesterday Ruffino got one of these stuck in his ear:

Ok, I's a crappy picture but trust me, it's menacing. Mind you it didn't get stuck in the outer ear. It went all the way into the canal. After a quick panic call to Chiara and Luigi (who told me to put olive oil in his ear - none of us were exactly sure why I would do this but we all agreed it would be good), I calmed down and added Ruffino to the fix-it list for Monday morning.

It took two trips to the vet to get the bugger out. Ruffino is not the best patient in the world...a bit too sensitive perhaps. Drugs were required - for him, not me, in case that wasn't clear.

Luckily for me the computer fix-it store is right next to the vet. Yes, I had to take the NEW f-in' computer in. Don't ask.

Luckily for La Signora, the yarn shop is near the computer shop and the vet. I picked up this:

On the way to the car after a full day of work, toting the clean-eared and slightly droggy dog, a functioning computer, and some new yarn, I ran into neighbor Antonio. We had a little chat about Mabergese things. He gave me an update on his efforts to fix the Maberga water problem by getting us hooked up to the aqueduct (hmmmm...what a good idea! No more hanging water tubes in the trees and, of course, no more of those pesky droughts when there is no rain).

"We were so close but now everything is on hold, you know, since the mayor who approved the money for the project is, um, 'on vacation'."

Yeah, it's a drag the mayor is in jail. I really wish he hadn't accepted that bribe money. The aqueduct connection would have greatly cut down on the possibility of water-related breakdowns being added to my inbox in the future.

After work today I almost finished another bag. Photo tomorrow, now I'm off to bed.


  1. Olive - That was a nasty looking creature that was removed from Raffino's ear. I would have been a bit surely also if I had been carrying that around. Regarding olive oil in the ear - When I was growing up, that was the ONLY use for olive oil in our home. It was kept in a little bottle and used to clean children's ears. I don not think it was Liguian olive oil.

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