Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another birthday

This guy had a birthday Friday. He’s 47. That’s old

I could go on and on about all the great things about him but I’ll just give this one anecdote. It pretty much sums up why I’m glad the guy was born and why it’s fun for me to hang out with him while he’s living on this planet.

David aspires to live a rich life, he does not aspire to be a rich man. He rarely confuses the means for the end. Here’s a classic “Davidism”. While at work the other day, his boss asked him if he likes to sail. I must interject here that David’s job, as it were, is seasonal. He works maybe 9 or 10 months a year. He is paid a monthly salary that, if I were to give an exact number, most of you reading would go into some kind of financial panic for us and start a fund raising drive immediately. He makes enough to keep us fed, watered, heated, insured and happy. (you’d be surprised how little money that actually takes…but I digress). Next week he will be sailing as a guest on a private yacht from San Remo to Corsica for a 5 day trip, just he, his boss and a skipper.

You're quite a guy, happy birthday, honey.


  1. Now that does look like a happy guy.

    I would like to see the pictures of him in Corsica!!

  2. EarleinDenver4:03 PM

    Great to have you back online, I just figured you were on an adventure. Happy birthday to David, sounds like the sailing trip is a great present. You guys are indeed rich in everything that really matters, life.