Friday, August 04, 2006

The apple doesn't fall too far...

Remember how I told you on Monday that the room would be finished by Wednesday? Yeah, slight communication failure (David’s fault, David’s fault, David’s fault, not mine, David’s fault! – I’m so mature, aren’t I? Anyway, now that he has a blog he can spin it however he wants. Uh no). The work was done on Wednesday but only the top part.

I’m so pleased, it looks terrific. Agusto is really talented.

Speaking of talented, the other construction guys we had before were NOT. The other guys we had working for us during phase one of the building renovation were the anti-Agustos. Untrustworthy and untalented. So Agusto is having to do a lot of make up work that the other guys messed up – electrical work mostly that they messed up, that’s a little scary, no? Just thinking about those two guys makes my blood boil.

Well, live and learn. Now we have Agusto and his son. Here they are…see the resemblance? Mostly in the hats – a generation apart but, well, that’s usually the case with a father and a son.

Speaking of resemblance, check out our dog.

Can you see my beer drinking tendencies around the mouth area, and the forehead of meat eating David (right off the grill) .

The apple doesn’t fall too far.

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  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    The sheetrockers are at our house now, too. Can something look small and big a the same time? The walls and ceilings are covered but the white makes everything look bigger. When the framing was up I told Paul how much I liked the open feeling and light. He pointed out to me that we didn't have a roof yet. Details, details. Not quite so open and light anymore! Good luck, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Cindy I have to sign in this way because it says my password is incorrect. Not sure how that could be. and can't figure out how to redo it.