Thursday, August 17, 2006

No blanket, but...

No, I haven’t finished the blanket. I even had “the bridge” on my side. That’s what Italians call the practice of making a long weekend out of holiday that happens to fall in the middle of the week. In this case Tuesday was “ferragosto” – a holiday of which no one quite knows the origins. It is celebrated by not going to work, and usually involves bbqs or picnics or some sort of outdoor gathering with friends. So, not only did no one go to work on Tuesday but most people took Monday off also to “make the bridge”. Myself included in this lovely tradition. Anyway, so really I have no excuse for not finishing the blanket. Well, except this…are you ready?

Whoa. Check out that bedroom! Architectural Digest look out, the Cornwells are on it now.

You may notice (if not, I will point out) that the wooden ceiling beams are much darker now. This was one of the things that got in the way of my working on the laced border (which is, by the way, all I have left to finish on the blanket). You see, our terrific construction friend Agusto decided to stain the one main beam in the room but left the others undone. We, being the sticklers for detail that we are, decided that just wouldn’t do. So David got out the 20’ extension ladder WARNING: MOM AND DAD IF YOU ARE READING YOU SHOULD PROBABLY STOP HERE and up we went. David did most of them, precariously leaning the extended extension ladder on the ceiling. But then when one person had to hold the ladder while the other went up to do the middle bits, we did a little strength/weight analysis of ourselves and decided it was best if David held the ladder and I climbed. I won’t kid you, I was scared. In fact, I might have messed my shorts from fear if it hadn’t been for the fact that David was below me holding my life in his hands and I didn’t want to distract him. So now they are stained and will never be stained again, well, not by me anyway.

You may also wonder how we got that 3 ton rug hanging on the wall up oh so high. That was all David. I just stood below praying that the extension ladder/ power tool/ husband combo wouldn’t end in blood.

That’s about all the stupidity that was involved – MOM AND DAD, YOU CAN COME BACK NOW. The rest is just clean up and organization, and really a lot of vacuuming. I don’t have my studio back yet because there are still tons of stuff in there that we don’t know where to put now because the room is too pretty to clutter with crap. I’m anticipating that the clean up will be done, well, probably about the time the blanket is. Posted by Picasa


  1. bigsis8:32 PM

    Lynn-- Your new room is absolutely beautiful!! I give you and David a lot of credit climbing up the ladder and trusting each other with each of your lives!! Good for you! You must be so pleased with the finished product!

  2. Looks beautiful!
    love, Michael