Sunday, August 06, 2006

A wedding

These two beautiful people got married yesterday. They are our friends Mercedes and Flavio. The guy in the sash helped them get married. He might be the mayor of SanRemo but no one was quite clear about that.

Here, you can actually see them. Don't they look happy?

There was a lot of hugging. A lot of hugging.

There were also a lot of weddings. The guy in the sash will marry all and any folks that sign up for a particular day. Given this is the last Saturday before the big Italian holidays in August, there were a lot of weddings. Some how Mercedes and Flavio got go first (I suspect there were some string pullings involved)

There was also an insane amount of eating and drinking. The food was all seafood, all 6 courses, well, except for the sorbet and the cake, of course. It was elegant and appropriately over the top.

There were also a lot of Olivos. That entire table was family members, the majority being from Mercedes' Olivo Clan - 8 siblings and their spouces. Flavio's family was able to squeeze in at the other end.

Now the happy couple is off to honeymoon in Greece (sorry, no photos!)

Congratulations, you two. It was a beautiful day and we feel honored to have been included.


  1. Cindy put me onto your site. Your's is the first blog I have visited. It is great to catch up on your life. I would have loved to have been at the wedding - instead Wayne and I were trying to turn the corner of our unfinished basement into a laundry room. I am tired of having clean clothes become dirty just because they hit the floor before I can get them into the laundry basket.

  2. EarleinDenver7:37 PM

    Great to finally see a picture of these people. Looks like a great time was had by all.
    Makes me want to start a blog, of course people would get tired of pictures of our dogs and cats and the occasional cabin shot.