Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last but not least...

The final post I will make this evening (are you bored of my posts yet? Are you wishing that I would get another virus so I will stop finally?)...

See this cute and fun-loving couple?

They are having an anniversary today. They are my parents. I think it's their 42nd anninversary, no wait, my sister Laurie is 42 so that math doesn't really work...or does it? Anyway...

Hey guys, happy anninversary. I'm sure glad that all the difficulties you had raising Laurie didn't cause you to divorce.

And, it's a big day in the extended family... This guy, nephew Max, turns 16.

In America this means, of course, that he got his driver's license today. (Trust me, he's more excited than he seems in that photo). Happy Birthday, Dude, Congratulations and please remember what I told you about not getting in an accidents.


  1. Bigsis10:45 PM

    What a nice blog Lynn!! Max DID get his license today, and mom and dad's anniversary IS 43. Thank you very much!!!!!

  2. bigsis12:39 AM

    Hey it's me again- Jake is looking for a picture of him when he turned 11. Got those?!?!

  3. hey lynn, thanks.. yes I did get my drivers license today and I am way more excited then in the picture.
    love you lots