Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am woman...

Ok, so I’ve really been having trouble posting on blogspot. I don’t know why…perhaps another virus…who knows. I’ve been wanting to post this blog for so long. Here it is…

I am woman…hear me SEW!

Yes. It’s so true and I’m so happy. The other day, it happened to also be David’s birthday but I didn’t let this stop me…even though I didn’t buy any gift for him…let me say again, “I am woman hear me sew!” I bought myself an early birthday present.

What can I do? What could I do? As the Italians say (which I also say ALL THE TIME NOW because I like it) e piu forte di me. (It’s stronger than me… what can I do?).

This is my first sewing machine. Friend, Mette, taught me to sew last summer before she lent me her machine for the year. It opened a whole new world to me! When she wanted hers back this summer I was destroyed. I tried sewing the linings in the bags by hand – disaster. It seems that every knitting project I that pops in my mind now involves sewing. So, what could a girl do?

Become a woman and buy a sewing machine, of course!

It even has a monogramming selection. Guess what I’m going to be knitting myself this fall? You betcha, a monogrammed sweater…I don’t care that preppy went out in the 80’s. In fact I might even make it pink and green. Why not? I mean, heck...have a look at the very hippy poncho (on the table next to my new Toyota) that I finally finished. How much more 70's can you get than that? Pink and green monogram seems like a logical progression.

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