Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Chapter 21

Hey look! I made another fort!

No, no I didn't. Well, not really. I did hang many sheets and blankets but these are inside the house - covering every door, possible. You see, we've come upon that one week of the year (hopefully it will just be one week) when outside 1.the temps drop below zero (Celsius), 2.the winds howl and 3.rain falls in icy sheets. It just so happens to be the same week when inside a. temps drop below zero, b. the winds howl and c. rain falls in icy sheets. It's funny how these situations happen during the same week every year. Weird.

Anyway, like some well written foreshadowing in a John Irving book where you find the absurd situation of the adult woman protagonist spending the first 20 chapters building forts with sheets and blankets for no apparent reason ...only to find in Chapter 21 there is a massive storm and in order to save her family from frost bite and certain death she must employ every sheet/blanket hanging skill she possesses so that everyone lives happily ever after. Today I got to Chapter 21. Good thing I'd been practicing.

PS. Update on that mystery pig-product from the last's lard - extra-chunky lard...if you think of Crisco as the red jar of Jif, this would be the blue jar.

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