Thursday, January 08, 2009

That's funny

I got wonderful email this evening from pal Mike (aka: Mike In Boulder), in which he shared a couple photos he found of Maberga when he GoogleEarthed (can that be a verb?) my little village. It was such a pleasant reminder of why I live here. I really needed the reminder having come home after 10pm up a dark and wet (thank god, not icy) mule trail, um, I mean, road to a house that is currently only partially habitable. The photos were of the old abandon upper village on a beautifully blue-skied (can that be an adjective?) day. Sorry about my un-tech-savvy-ness (can that be a noun?) and not being able to have attached them in some way to this post. Feel free (if you have high-speed internet) to GoogleEarth us and check them out yourself.

In addition to getting to see my surrounds in all their glory, Mike's email gave me a chuckle, as well.

So, I use gmail as my main email address, right? And well, if you use gmail...or, well, the INTERNET, you are familiar with "targeted advertising", right? Does anyone besides me pay attention to these? They are hysterical some times. At one point I was even keeping a collection of some of the really good ones. Then the computer imploded one day I lost them all but anyway...

Yeah, yeah, I should be troubled by the fact that someone or something somewhere is infringing on my privacy by scanning my emails and internet traffic to try to sell me stuff. Not to be paranoid or anything but there are probably a bunch of people or machines somewhere who are scanning my privacy for reasons other than just to sell me stuff too. I try not to worry too much about this. Although, I do feel the need to apologize to whomever or whatever is reading my stuff for all the forwards I get from Uncle Mike's pal Eddie Zarletti.

Anyway, back to the email from Mike...since my un-tech-savvy self can't attach it I will summarize

Hi, Lynn,

I suppose these two scenes are very familiar to you. GoogleEarth found them.


WHOA... I totally just attached the whole email, well, almost - still missing one of the photos. Let me bring my almost-totally-tech-savvy self back to my point here...

So here we have two photos of ruined medieval structures and the text "I suppose these two scenes are very familiar to you. GoogleEarth found them." prompting the privacy invaders to think I would be interested in these "sponsored links".

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And last but not at all least, in fact MY FAVORITE!

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There's a pair of handknit socks in it (or maybe a handknit hat since all socks I'm knitting these days are going on my own feet) to the person with the best explanation for what it was about Mike's email that triggered any or all of these ads.

If you'll excuse me now I'm going to go check out some cellulite busting shoes.

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