Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a drought...

Sorry about the weekly blog routine that we seem to have fallen into. I really have great intensions of being a 4-5 blog sessions a week kind of girl but, well, it seems that lately I've sort of lost my blog-drive.

I know what you, my blogging partners are thinking, "what's happened? In the beginning we blogged every night..sometimes you wanted to blog multiple times a day. You didn't even want to knit because you wanted to blog. There were the photos and all the other fun blog toys. You used to DRAW blog pictures for us when you weren't actually blogging with us because you were so into it! What's happened? Are we destined to be once a week blogging partners for the rest of our lives?"

I know. I know. Isn't it sad? It's not that I don't WANT to have an active blog life, honestly, I DO. I love blogging. It's relaxing and therapeutic and, well, come on - it feels really good! It's a great way to finish a day. I love the whole process, starting with a little glass of wine to set the mood. Then the typing and typing and typing,... sometimes with a photo or two,... more typing and typing and typing until... PUBLISH! Wow. I sleep much more peacefully after a good blog. I wake up with a smile on my face.

So what I'm saying is that I really do enjoy it but it's like this: each night I snuggle right up to the computer for little fun, a little end of the day release. I check my mood - am I feeling serious and introspective, ready to blog deeply, or is it whimsical and playful I feel like? Or maybe just a quickie blog to let you know I'm still here? Then I notice that I just feel, well, like not blogging. Then, I don't know, I get a head ache, or I'm too tired, or it's too cold, or the dogs have to go out or I'm really into this book that I just want to read or ...well, you get the picture.

Yes, I've heard the saying before - use it or lose it. So, dear blog partners, I'm telling you that I'm committed to this blog relationship and will do what it takes to get us past this little drought.

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