Thursday, January 29, 2009

multiple times a day...first one

Just to prove to you all that I'm serious about that blogging more wait, I mean more OFTEN. Once a week is regular but not often. I'm trying to be more often. this effort, I'm going to blog multiple times tonight! Yep you read that correctly, I'm up for an all night blog session.

So here's the thing...David is in Venice tonight. He went on a little bead buying trip for me. Can't wait to see the new stuff (if you're interested, check my etsy shop in the next few weeks, there should be new bling). He left this morning at 3.30 so he could be there in time for morning as well as afternoon shopping. Maberga Designs could really only afford one night at a hotel so he made this sacrifice to maximize the shopping/meeting bead artisans time to get me the best stuff he could.

This supposed 6 hour drive, unfortunately took a bit longer than his google map predicted. When he crossed Piedmont the car thermostat registered something in negative numbers. I'm talking here about the ENGINE thermostat...not the one that reads outside the car temps (that's even kind of funny to think about - David's 13 year old Fiat having a weather thermometer...excuse me for a moment while I gather myself from the hysterical laughing fit I'm experiencing......... OK, I'm back). So when he stopped to get some car-please-don't-freeze-and-destroy-my-engine fluid, the gas station attendant informed him that he was missing 3 (of four) tail lights. "you will get a large fine for that if the police stop you." So pallly David had to get some new tail lights and have them put in. Back on the road he noticed that there was no change in the thermostat. Next gas station guy put more fluid in and then told him, when there was still no change in the negative reading that his thermostat was probably broken. "this is not a problem in cold weather but it should be fixed before hot weather." Trooper David, rationalizing that he will be home before hot weather comes decided to go forward and think about the thermometer at some later time is being a-wasted. Surviving all this only to arrive somewhere in the Venice outer-world and get lost in some desolate industrial hell. A desolate industrial hell that we happened to get lost in last time we drove to Venice compounding the frustration by adding "Groundhog Day" effect.

After all this, Champ Dave calls me at 12.30 requesting the address of my favorite bead maker. "Can you tell me the street. I"m sure it was here where I am." Yep, sure enough, it WAS. Dude moved his workshop. A few calls, some asking, a bit of wandering, Dear David found my Alessandro and got me my favorites.

I'm telling you all this because it is the prelude to the all night blog session. Call it foreplay if you want.

In September I cast on a sweater for my husband. I really worked on this thing like mad for, well, like a day. Then I got bored. Then a bunch of christmas knitting came, the Florentino, etc. I lamely knit a row or two while watching a movie but only if David had been asking after his sweater.

David: Do you think it will be done by winter?

Lynn: Not likely.

David: Do you think it will be done Christmas?

Lynn: Are you kidding? Have you seen the Florentino?

David: Do you think it will be done before winter is over?

Lynn: Um... um... jeez...get off my back.

So again I will say this is all preamble for the blog-o-thon. I'm going to finish the Dude's sweater by the time he comes home tomorrow evening with my beads. Pally, Champ, Dear, Dude deserves it.

It's 9 pm right now. I only have one sleeve to go and all the sewing up BUT 1. this wool takes FORever to go any distance. It's not thin. It just doesn't move, I can't explain it. It's part of the reason that the thing hasn't been finished earlier. 2. The last sleeve took me 3 weeks to finish. Yeah, a good deal of that 3 weeks was paper mache, my own pink sweater, my own blue sweater, a new rag rug and a few pair of socks, but still...

I will check in regularly with well as sleep deprived insane ramblings.

If you'll excuse me now I have some knitting to get to...right after I make myself some dinner.

Wish me luck.

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