Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just a few reasons that I haven't posted to my blog in a week or so...

1. Mette's back!!! Viva Das Needle Club!

2. Putting wood on the fire in the bedroom. Viva living in the whole house again!

3. Just two words...paper mache. Viva flour, water, and newspaper!

4. The first FO (finished object) of 2009. Viva a warm neck! And Viva free knitting patterns from Ravelry (this one found HERE)

5. Taking sunny walks with two healthy dogs. Viva spring bulbs in January!

6. Handmade earring holders. Viva olive tree prunings and sea-bricks!

7. New earrings to go on new holders. Viva la bling!

8. New necklaces. I repeat...Viva la bling!

9. An almost finished sweater for MYSELF. Viva no more Christmas knitting!


  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Things are looking normal again. Love the snowdrops.


  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

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