Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hey there, I'm back. We've been experiencing some major technical difficulties here in Maberga...something involving a glass of red wine and the keyboard. The thing with a lap top is that the keyboard is right on top of all the important stuff that makes the computer a computer. Luckily, our old PC, the one that we thought was dead 6 months ago, prompting us to buy the mac, wasn't really dead and we therefore had continued using it. Continued until last week, that is, when it met its demise - killed by a glass of Tuscan Reserve. I can think of worse ways to go. Not to worry though, David got the new mac connected to the internet so all is right with the world again.

Any of you guys recently (like in the past 10 years) gone a week without internet? I've realized that I have indeed become addicted to the internet, addicted to all its services, conveniences, tools, entertainment, distractions and the hour sucking vastness of its existence.

Here's how I know...I googled the definition of withdrawal (first indication of IA - Internet Addiction: anyone remember how find answers any more WITHOUT the internet? yeah, me neither.) and found this...

"Definition: A term referring to the feelings of discomfort, distress, and intense craving for a substance that occur when use of the substance is stopped. These physical symptoms occur because the body had become metabolically adapted to the substance. The withdrawal symptoms can range from mild discomfort resembling the flu to severe withdrawal that can actually be life threatening."

The definition went on with this:

"There are five basic stages of withdrawal:
Withdrawal Stage – may be accompanied by fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression."

For me this lasted two days and sounded something like this: oh my god!, my email! my blog! my Etsy shop! everyone else's blog! what if I have to find the definition of something?! Ravelry! yeah, Ok, I guess I'll just work on that sweater for David that I started last Septmeber. Honey, do I feel warm to you?

"Honeymoon Stage – the opposite of withdrawal that is often accompanied by feelings of energy, optimism, and confidence."

This was day three and looked something like this: SWEET!!! I have soooooo much extra time now! This is awesome! Who needs email? If someone wants to tell me something, they can call me! And my blog - well, I have a real excuse for not writing! (no offense to you Olive Knitting readers, it's not that I don't like writing this blog but it does take time from a busy girl's day).

"The Wall Stage – time when most relapses occur due to the reemergence of feelings of anxiety and depression."

Day three and a half - David, can I use your blackberry?

"Adjustment Stage – a period of realization and acceptance that change is a lifelong struggle."

Days 4 through 8 - when, slowly slowly I accepted the fact that we are in Italy where getting basic software that is sold at the 7-11 in the US, is a difficult task and I will remain without the internet for some undetermined time. During which time I think I started muttered something along these lines "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

There is a 5th Stage...
"Resolution Stage – occurs after six months of sobriety or abstinence."

I don't know if I could be that serene.

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  1. Mike in Boulder12:12 AM

    My dear Lynn, have you learned now that wine and electrons don't go together? Wine dissolves the force field, allowing the electrons to escape!