Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll have some random prettiness with a little pork on the side, thank you.

Random Pretty 1.

When I grow up, I want flowers growing from the top of my house, too.

Random Pretty 2.

Meet Jemma.

She comes from the pattern found here, which of course I didn't follow. I actually made my new little friend last summer but haven't posted her photo because she was naked until yesterday.

I love her. I spent most of yesterday staring at her...until I was called to the neighbors to eat more ...


Meet Franco and his salami...

(note: this video was deleted on request. too bad for those of you who missed it...that'll teach ya. Miss one day of OliveKnitting you'll miss a lot)

The above video is a tour of Pork Fest II, the end result. Well, the end of day two. Today they were making the geletina and the grasso. We weren't invited to that meno male (meno male is not this case it means something like "thank god!").


  1. How cool. Looking forward to another video or just a salami sent express mail... :)

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM


    Very Tecchy! Loved the video, hardly recognized Franco without a Cig and a huge bottle of wine in his hands.

    Hope we get to taste some of that Pork Sausage SOON ! Looking forward to PORK II.

    Was that a picture or your new wall in the first Pic ?

  3. Once again I am glad I can't understand what is said. He does look proud of his product though.