Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Weaving in all ends.

The knitters in the group will know that the last thing you do before you're able to don a newly knit item is "WEAVE IN ALL ENDS". Every single pattern written ends with that last instruction. "WEAVE IN ALL ENDS".

It's actually a rather stupid thing to write in a knitting pattern. I mean, come on...if you made it all the way through every knit and purl and decrease and yarn over, all the casting on and casting off, it should be rather obvious that something must be done with all those dangling threads hanging from your otherwise beautiful garment. It's like if there were instructions for having a bath that told you to DRY OFF at the end. If you've made it through the soak, shampoo, wash, shave, and rinse parts it's pretty obvious you should dry off, no?

Well, having said that, it seems like whatever instructions I'm following for writing this blog are missing the final step "FINISH THE STORY". I suppose that should be obvious when writing but it seems that this blog has a lot of dangling threads...hanging chads if the metaphor works better for you.

For example, is anyone wondering if Casa Cornwell has water yet? Dang, I wrote that post about the plugged tubes like a week ago and then never told you how or even IF the situation was resolved.

It is. Thanks for wondering.

And the reversible sweater? Anyone curious if that feat of knitterly engineering genius has had its ends woven in? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway...

It is. Thanks for being curious. (check that out!!! I can wear it right-side-up, up-side-down, forwards OR backwards...amazing.

And friends, let's talk about the birthday jacket(if you don't know about this you can read here OR here). Yeah, let's talk about it. Maybe none of you have brought it up because you were thinking that this attempt, attempt number 3 in two years such as it is, just might be a sore subject. You were thinking that maybe jacket number three might have come to the same fate at numbers 1 and 2. Well, thanks for being polite but I'm here to tell ya that sucker is DONE!

Except for weaving in the loose ends, of course.


  1. i love this post.... i never put "weave al ends" in my patterns anyway.... lets do it different... made a pattern that says "don't weave in the ends":D

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    nice work on that jacket! Hey Lynn, so nice to see you here. Let's connect in real life too!!!