Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a little help please?

The sun has come out, these are blooming everywhere,

and except for that little thing called the temperature which happens to be hovering around 40F, it's spring. Well, I'm pretending it's spring because after all the grey and rain, I need for it to be spring.

I started spring cleaning even. Ok, that's not exactly true. The two months of rain caused mold to grown in our pantry to such an extent that we either had to fumigate the room with chemicals or buy a lawn mower that could go up walls and across ceilings. We took the toxic road.

In order to chemical bomb the pantry, we needed to get a few things out of that room first...like the food. And my knitting. Yes, I do have the biggest room in the house for my studio AND I store knitting in the pantry. If you were a knitter you'd understand.

The knitting relegated to the pantry looks like this.

Ya know that mud that collects on your boots when you walk around in nature, 'specially in the spring? Well this enormous bag is the woolen equivalent of 13 years of knitting mud that's collected on my boots. That mountain contains all the projects that I either began and never finished or began and frogged (remember that knit-lingo - means, too ugly to finish).

So, as I was saying, during this fit of spring cleaning, I decided it was time to deal with the knit mud. I divided it into three piles: 1. The Rejects - no hope for these puppies, 2. The Interrupted - still showing signs of hope, and 3. The Mementos - just too damn funny to do anything with, so I have to keep them. The Rejects are getting the unravel. The Interrupteds are getting finished. The Mementos...well, they're going back in the pantry.

Have you ever unraveled a knitted item...on purpose? It takes a lot longer than you would imagine. I am, therefore, going to have to be disciplined, methodical and regular about this job. I'm not going to add it to my 5-minutes-a-day list because a) I'm not even doing the things that are currently on the list, and they are supposed to be fun and b) I'd never freakin' finish unraveling this crap.

So, I need your help. If a week goes by and I haven't shown you an item that I have unraveled, please (gently) remind me to get off my ass and unravel something.

Thank you.

Ps. Wanna see one of the Mementos? This is a bikini top that I knit.

Check out the colors on that work of art! And look closely at the fabric

Doesn't that look just like the comfortable thing you want to lie around in when it's wet and matted with sand and the sun is 110F baking you. Ahhh...pure knitting genious, that one is. Am I wrong? That's just too damn funny to do anything with. Memento

PSS. Don't anyone break my balls about unraveling yet. I am unraveling a piece right now, between sentences. I just forgot to make a photo, and I've already put the camera away, and, well, I'm lazy.


  1. I remember you knitting that top at Cannon Beach in 2004! Always wondered how it held up in the water, sun and sand. Now I know. Cindy

  2. oneofthedanes9:12 AM

    Be happy to help you unravel tomorrow at the knitting club. What are friends for?