Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yo, Gramma!

NOTE: Please turn on the following music to accompany your reading today, thank you.

I can't stop. I just can't.

I haven't been able to stop. In the evenings I make them until my hand hurts from holding the hook and my eyes hurt from staring at the stitches and my legs hurt from sitting cross legged on the couch for a never-ending bout of crocheting.

"just one more..." I tell myself as my cramped hand chains the beginning of another square.

"just one more...". And then three squares later I ask David for a wrist and hand massage so I can make another one - just like Rock against Apollo, "CUT ME, MICKY! CUT ME!"

I make another one, then I take a jog around the kitchen to get the blood circulating in my legs again. So I can make another one.

Cup of coffee to stay awake longer.

And another

And another

And another

What can I say? Yes, those are granny squares. Yes, they are the crocheted bits that your grandmother made for afghans (or quite fashionable vests, if you were really lucky). Yes, I love them. I'm making tons and tons of them and I will put them together for a beautiful afghan of my very own. What can I say?

What else is there to say but,


PS. I read about a granny-square-along on Alli's blog. I've always secretly loved the granny square and I bet you have too. Here's a very helpful tutorial to help you get started.


  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    So, my guess is that you still don't have "NO PHONE", "NO LIGHT",
    "NO MOTORCAR" only the Internet ??

    You need to get out of the house for more invigorating activities -
    drinking wine, speaking English,
    visiting San Remo!

    Funny stuff though


  2. You CRACK me up!! You are so funny. i have some granny square earrings I could never quite wear but thought were a fab idea at the time :))

    My email is out right now. Can you give me a call?

  3. about facebooking me :))

  4. Love them!! Oh my gosh, they are so addictive. Perhaps we should start referring to them as 'granny crack,' or some other more appropriate name.

  5. Love the colors. I've been involved with granny crack in my younger wilder days, also. Hate putting them together, though. Cindy