Saturday, January 09, 2010

So what do you get for a guy for his 70th birthday who isn't having a party because "only the bourgeois have birthday parties" but still you're going to his house and you know he's passed 70 years? Remember Rolf?

Well, let's go to the Maberga Designs' Knit Department and see what's on offer...


No. Too common.


ummm? Let's look again... Too circus tent-ish.


NO. Definitely too blue.


YES!!!! Perfect. "meet Rolf" is a lot like "where's Waldo". Perfect.

Gotta run now. I need to hoist David off the couch where he's recovering from Pork Fest II so we can go to a very german dinner party. It's a marathon day, luckily we've been training.

PS. David made VIDEO of today's pig party...if technology permits, I'll try to post some.

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  1. I hope the video is of eating the pork and not butchering the pig. Good selection for Rolf, I think he will like it.