Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Any of you ever cut and stacked wood?

Yeah? So then you guys know how hard it is.

No? You guys, it's really hard. First, you have to fell a tree (or get a really nice guy like Augusto to do it for you). Then you have to cut the tree into bite-sized pieces with a rather scary piece of loud machinery that requires protective eye and head gear (unless you want to cut a 6 inch slash in your head...that's another story). Then these pieces, depending on their girth need to be chopped into halves or quarters with a tool that isn't loud but requires a better than minimum level of skill and muscle. Now when you have a nice pile of hard earned potential heat source, you want to stack it so it doesn't rot away on the ground - that and so that your neighbors will think you are organized, prepared and just very cool in general. For you non-wood gatherers, I have to tell you that the stacking part is the most difficult. Ok, maybe not, but that's the part that I do so, for me, it's the most difficult.

Now that you all are sufficiently knowledgeable about the art of wood collection...CHECK THIS OUT!

Wanna see it again?

Yeah, ok. That's my boot in the photo but I'm just posing by the neighbor's pile. I have wood envy. Actually, I have wood stacking envy. Now that the weather is warm, I've quickly forgotten the heat value of a nice pile of wood. Right now, I'd just like to have a beautiful pile like that sitting out front of my house - you know, for the cool factor, not the heat factor.

After rereading what I just wrote there, I'm thinking that I'm probably not a real country girl.

No. You can't see a photo of my stacking ability.

To be fair (to myself) and because this is supposed to be a knitting blog I'd like to say that cool-wood-stacking-neighbor-pal probably can't do this***...

I wonder if he'd have wool envy?

***I can't show more of that knitted garment because it's the surprise piece that I'm working on ... so don't tell anyone.


  1. Although we don't fell trees, we only use windfalls, Chris chainsaws, then chops, then splits, then some other lumberjack type stuff. I stack, that's my job. This does not mean we aren't country girls - or so I tell myself.

    PS - I have wool envy. Whatever it is it's gorgeous.

  2. I was really impressed when I saw that pile of wood, hah! We do it for the cabin, just for fun actually and not really necessary but I do enjoy it, it warms you twice, isn't that nice.

  3. oneofthedanes8:29 AM

    You learned how to knit. You learned how to live with all kinds of creeps in your house. You know how to handle fertilizer-eating dogs. And you are growing a garden almost by yourself. Trust me, you can learn how to stack, but please do not learn how to fell a tree!!! You might fall instead and that we do not want.
    Happy knitting with your secret project

  4. Hi!

    I'm finally in a port where I can get a connection with enough band width to visit your blog. :)))

    Yes, we sure have split and stacked wood and I blogged about it last year. *sigh*. I know exactly how hard it is.

    Your knitting looks lovely. I hope we get to see it when it is finished. :))

    Big hugs from over here to over there,