Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little advice...

If you are ever invited to lunch at a friends' home in the luxurious heart of Monaco, wear sensible shoes. If not, toss a few band-aides in your purse. You don't want to have to buy them there.

Presenting the world's most expensive plasters:

6 euro for those babies. That's about 9 dollars with the current exchange rate.

Another bit of advice, if you didn't follow the first bit and need to buy them, choose the transparent ones instead of the regular brown ones. This way, if you happen to notice that your dress has a tear in it, you can stick one of those puppies on the inside of the rip, and voila' -- dress mended.

So, David and I were invited to the home of some clients of his, who happen to live in the luxurious heart of Monaco. Lovely people, lovely lunch. After lunch our gracious host accompanied us to the garage where we had parked our car. We took the elevator down to the parking level. When the doors opened we were in the residents' parking area. Walking pasts Bentleys, Jaguars, and Ferraris in rainbow colors, we exited to the guest parking. Standing there with our host, he looked out into the cars assembled. "Is that you there?", he politely asked. We all had a little giggle, and David said, "yeah, that's our Fiat 500 there between the silver Mercedes and the black Ferrari. How did you guess?"


  1. Mike in Boulder1:36 AM

    Do you want me to ship you a couple boxes of Bandaids from stateside??? :-)

    Mike in Boulder