Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check these out!

Friend Christine and I are working together on this project...yeah yeah, ok, she's done all the work so far. Those adorable, minuscule drawings are hers.

The other day we got together to make those little beauties into jewelry charms with some sterling silver frames and resin.

Tomorrow we are going to make them into wearable art. Stay tuned.


  1. oneofthedanes9:32 AM

    Congratulations to both of you and both for the idea and for the final result. They are really really sweet and I know at least one girl in Denmark, that is going to have some as birthday gift. She will be thrilled and very happy to have something that most girls in DK do not have. Teddy likes them too by the way!

  2. How very cool! :) They are just darling! :)))))

  3. Teddy likes them!!!! Wow, they really are way cool then!