Tuesday, May 24, 2011

nice weekend

What a great weekend! My tomatoes and peppers have come home and are growing their roots.

Yeah, those are my peppers in little pots in the garden. I didn't have it in me to expand the orto after the tomatoes took up the whole space.

Plus, when Augusto gave those pepper to me he made a particular point of letting me know that they are special peppers...CALABRIAN peppers. You can't find them around here...unless you have connections, obviously. Unlike the tomatoes he gave me, which he dug out of the ground in huge clumps, telling me to just throw away the extras, the peppers came from little pots. I protested, saying, "you didn't grow those! You bought those from some special source of Calabrian specialties!" To which, he simply said, "mind your own business and take the peppers." David could really learn a lot about shutting me up if he spent more time with Augusto. So anyway, I put the peppers in the garden so I could keep a closer eye on them, because, you know, they are special.

You may be wondering why my little pepper lovelies are in pots and old wine boxes instead of directly in the ground. Well, that's because of my little furry lovelies who like to give attention to anything I give attention to.

The same lovelies who had a heck of a time swimming in the Maberga pool all weekend.

I'm really so glad that the Maberga Swimming Pool is no longer the source of water for my bath and my kitchen sink any more. It's really sweet having those images in my mind of the dogs frolicking in the fresh spring water, but not so much when I'm soaking in that same water, or washing my veggies for dinner with it.

It was such a nice weekend that when I woke up yesterday morning I thought, "uhg, Monday."

Then I remembered that my job looks like this

And my office like this

Speaking of jewelry (nice segue, no?), a while ago I set up a discount code for OliveKnitting readers in my Etsy shop...you know, in case any of you are looking for some Italian bling. Then I forgot to tell you guys about it, which, well, kind of defeats the purpose. Anyway,I'm telling you now -- if any of you should happen to see something you like in my shop, you know, like it enough to buy it, be sure to enter the discount code "OLIVEREADER" and you'll get 20% off. If you are new to the Etsy shopping experience, don't be afraid, it's not difficult. Just drop me a line if you have any questions about it.

Have a good week.

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  1. oneofthedanes9:04 AM

    oh you lucky girl. What a nice office you have. When you first told me about the fence around your garden, I was... But it looks as if it was meant to be all the time. It actually makes the garden look even prettier. Happy monday and for that matter the rest of the week too