Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hi. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what’s happened to me. Perhaps not, but I’ll tell you anyway. Actually, I’m not in a real talkative mood tonight so I will rely heavily on photos.

Wow, check your shoes before you put them on…

Found him on a recent walk with Ruffino. Something got to him before I did as he is missing his head and his tail. Makes him easier to photograph.

Whoa, check both shoes…

Found him living in the space between the insulation and that bamboo that I call the ceiling in my studio. Ever see a mouse pee? Yeah, me neither until the other day.

Staying with the critter theme, I found these on a trip to the river to swim with Ruffino…

Are those the smallest frogs you’ve ever seen? They’re so small you probably can’t even see them, right? Trust me, there are frogs in that photo and they are small.

Here are a few other shots from the swimming day just because they are beautiful.

That’s an old Roman bridge. Cool, huh?

Speaking of Italian things (how was that for a segway?), Viva Italia! We went to the piazza in Taggia to watch the World Cup game - Italy vs Germany (that would be soccer, in case you were wondering).

Check this out…

That flag is bigger than the car behind it. Everyone was happy.

You might remember that I was knitting up a storm for an artisan market, try to forget it. I am.

This is what I did all day since I wasn’t helping the hoards of people who weren’t buying things from me….

Yep, just watching the world go by.

At least the only critters involved were the stuffed ones on my table.

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  1. EarleinDenver4:07 PM

    Wow the swimming hole and Roman bridge looks really inviting. How far are they from your place? Good luck to Italy in the final on Sunday