Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Every knitter needs a dog

Last night at dinner Bente-from-Denmark-who-is-Bente-staying-in-Montalto requested that I post a photo of Ruffino.

Here ya go, Bente.

Cute, isn’t he? Just a swimmin’ there with his favorite toy, a lemon.

Boy was I thinking about how cute he is this morning when I woke up to find this on the floor

which used to be a part of this.

Thanks Ruffino, ol’ pal. You’ve only just destroyed the first of 48 squares that I need for a blanket I’m working on. A blanket that is 48 of those lovely squares with all those bobbles, and leaves and the other tricky stitches that make you actually have to count while you’re knitting. Did I mention that I need 48 of those and you just ate one of them? Thanks. That’s great.

Perhaps Ruff was really doing me a favor. We are having a record hot summer, 110 degrees by 9am with no rain. What on earth would possess me to knit an wool blanket? I’m sure Ruffino was just trying to help me. He was trying to tell me that knitting a wool blanket is really a bad idea right now. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what he was thinking

Like he was helping David to garden when he used to chew through the grape vines. Which, by the way, David is convinced he was doing.

On the outside chance that David is right and our dog has these higher order thinking skills, then I should probably hide this other bit of knitting I’ve been working on.

I needed to start this project because when it gets too hot to work on the wool blanket I like to switch to this 40lb wool poncho. I especially like to try it on at noon when the temp reaches about 120. Yep, better hide that one from Ruffino, my smart little helper.

ps. is that the hippiest looking poncho you've ever seen or is it just me?!

pss. for all my english-is-not-my-first-language readers..."hippiest" is very different from "hippest". Two different words, two different meanings - two different ponchos.


  1. mettymentor6:19 PM

    Some of us still remember the good ol´ days when there were REAL hippies and not just look-alikes. Those were the days, Teddy tells me (I myself is of course tooooooo young). Beautiful pictures but the best for me is, that I am here myself cuttling Ruffino. Wouldn´t care to cuttle the other creature, though.
    By the way, I want to congratulate you on your knitting improvement. Watch out guys, some day she´ll be famous and expensive.

  2. Bente Denmark10:38 PM

    Thanks for the photo of Ruffino - and thanks for a nice evening at Maberga. Your photo is ten times better than the ones I took. I`m waiting for the next "afsnit" of "Lynn at the therapist".