Saturday, July 22, 2006

wonderful water

Sorry sorry sorry...I'm been a little absent. Well, just absent from you. I've actually been here at home but I was entertaining. House guests are now gone....I'll try to write more.

Being a little tired as I am, how about a random post.

Water was the theme of the visit from Jacopo and Amy. Jacopo is a friend of ours from way back when (he's Italian, in case you couldn't tell from his name...and the J is pronounced as a Y). David and I met him in Greece about 8 years ago when we were traveling before we settled for our year sibatical in Assisi. It's really because of him that we ended up moving to Italy. He and his girlfriend, Amy (she's american) came for a visit to say good bye. Amy is wisking Jacopo away to live in the land of the free - San Francisco.

Anyway, as I was saying WATER was the theme. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that it rained. It didn't. We're still waiting for that. However it does mean that we got to play in the water. One day we had a picnic at the river.

I love the river. It's quiet, no one is around, you just park, walk across that great Roman bridge and dive in. The views are pretty lovely too.

The next day we had a Sea experience. Slightly different experience given that the beaches are PACKED in July and August in Italy, there's a ton of traffic, and parking sucks. The view was pretty lovely though.
And I got to collect sea stones. I love sea stone. I love collecting sea stones - me and all the other kids at the beach.

Speaking of sea stones...I've actually been collecting them for quite some time just because I like to. Seems now that all that work was for a purpose.

The other day David decided to replaster the wall in the kitchen that still has the "popcorn effect". Remember the popcorn effect? That nasty thing that they used to do to ceilings of houses in the 70's? We have a whole wall of it in our kitchen, except ours is cement so you can just pick them off. We used to have a whole wall until David got to work on it. Now we have half a wall (work interrupted to entertain) of popcorn.

See how smooth the wall is now? That bumpy area around the faucet where it says 'before' will soon be a mosaic of sea stones. I can't wait. Let me at it!!!

Oh, back to the water theme. Completely out of the blue these wonderful trucks arrived the other day to deliver us some water.

A full tank of water reserves and we hadn't even asked for it! What a sense of security. Just makes a girl want to go do some laundry.

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  1. EarleinDenver6:22 AM

    Sitting outside tonight because it is so beautiful, dark but beautiful. We just got back from dinner with some friends and thought to check your blog. Glad to see you wrote again. What is in David's hand in that first picture? Also the resturant picture by the sea looked great, we need to be there with you. Glad to hear you got some water, we saw Europe was hot again, Rome in the 90's. Also saw Gore's inconvient truth tonight. Scary implications if the warming continues. But enough about that, you looked like you had a good week. We started talking about our trip to your place last night. Two more months, can't wait. Keep up the blog, we love to hear what you're doing.