Friday, July 14, 2006

a new recipe, from an old favorite....

I've been bored lately with our food. David is doing a low carb diet (ie: give-me-all-the-meat-you-can-find diet). Plus he loves to grill. So every night we grill flesh. Sometimes, when I can't face another dead animal on my plate, I make some pasta or cous cous or rice something for myself. This poses problems of it's own because we can never time it right so that my pasta isn't sticking together because I'm waiting for his chicken legs to pass throught the pink stage or he isn't impatiently waiting with a plate of pork collecting flies because my water hasn't boiled yet.

Tonight I thought I found the perfect solution. This morning I went to my favorite cookbook - The Moosewood. Yes, it's a vegetarian cookbook, I usually add meat to every recipe but still, I like where they are coming from. Today I found a recipe for "fish in a pocket". Cool. I'll make that little aluminium pocket with the fish and all the tasty flavors they suggest and have David toss it on the grill with his steak...or whatever flesh he chooses for tonight.

So here I go, aluminium pad waiting...I add a salmon steak, a tomato, some garlic, an onion, oil, lemon juice, cilantro...great. It smells wonderful. I cover it with more aluminium and "make it air tight". I bring it out to David as he is ready to throw his meat on the fire. After just a few minutes, and at the same time he pulls them both off. I'm thinking this is working well. I put some steamed spinach on his plate as a side for his flesh and some cous cous on mine as a bed for my "fish pocket".

David plops the aluminium packet on my plate and very casually says, "oh, you are having jiffy- pop-fish for dinner. Tell me how it is."

Yes, I had jiffy-fish for dinner.

And it was freaking good.


  1. bigsis5:55 AM

    I have to say I'm impressed Lynn-- Please don't feel obligated, however to share that little recipe with us when we come to visit!

  2. bigsis5:56 AM

    Also-- It looks as though some one got skunked at cribbage.

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Lynnie, Let David eat the meat. I'll take your fish creation. I'm trying it at home tonight on our grill. Just harvested our garlic crop yesterday. A few cloves will be just perfect.