Monday, July 31, 2006


Just a few things to update you on:

1. Work has begun on the room upstairs. Yippeeeee. Let me tell you, Agusto and his son Andrea are really cruising. In just one day they have already done this around the whole room:

David and I had talked a lot about trying to do this work ourselves to save some money…and of course, have that great satisfaction that you get when you do it yourself – whatever. God am I grateful we opted to hire someone. The few bucks we would have saved doing it ourselves would have been spent 10-fold on either medical bills as we fell from the scaffolding, on disaster clean up as we wrecked the place from complete lack of knowing what the f%^&% we are doing, or to lawyers for our divorce. We definitely made the right decision here. Agusto thinks the walls will be done by Wednesday and then he’ll start the fireplace. Did I tell you we planned so far ahead in this project as to remember the room could use heat?

2. Last night was the San Erasmo festival in Arma di Taggia (Erasmo is their patron saint). It was one of those incredible evenings when you say to yourself, “is this really my life?” You know the kind of night, when you find yourself sitting at a seaside restaurant having a 4 hour meal with 20 people coming from 5 different countries eating 18 different kinds of grilled fish and watching a fireworks display over the water. The coolest part of this festival is when they light candles and put each one in a little wooden boat and sail them out into the sea. That was really cool. I tried to take a picture to share with you all but it just turned out black.

3. Despite the heat I am still working on the blanket that Ruffino tried to warn me against last week. I have decided however that it will not be the full 48 square size, maybe 16 or 20 squares. It’ll be more of a lap warmer than a king-sized bed afghan.

4. It’s tomato season. Yesterday neighbor Franco dropped off some produce from his garden.

Let’s see if you can determine which I bought at the store, which comes from Franco and which we grew here at Casa Cornwell. (no, they aren’t supposed to be cherry tomatoes)

5. Last but not least, I would like to announce that we are now a two-blog family. For the record, David actually had his blog first and helped me start mine. He has, however, been a little, shall we say “relaxed” about maintaining it. You can find David’s take on things at

I best be going now since it is approaching sleep time and my husband who promised that HE would sleep on the kitchen floor every night during the construction because he didn’t want an extra mattress cluttering up the place has just settled into the couch - aka: MY temporary bed. I predict some wrestling coming on.


  1. EarleinDenver11:43 PM

    I looked at David's blog and I like the black background. I am curious about when the picture of the kids on the table was taken. The reason for this is I don't see any leaves from your vines. Probably an old picture. Also I couldn't reply to his blog, is there a purpose in that?
    My guess is that the store bought tomatoes on the left? At least you have some tomatoes, ours are still green. Maybe we will be there to commemorate a new Sparky Shrine, he was the best.

  2. I am so impressed with David's new field of endeavor.
    Love the Lynn stories all the time.

    What about the Grape Arbor - Did it fill up ? Are there grapes ?

    Wayne & Denise

  3. gabrielle5:25 AM

    Comment on #2...
    I also find myself saying, "I can't believe this is my life" Although I believe it is in a different way. I think this when I have to tell my 2 boys (age 10 weeks and 2 1/2 years) "He who screams the loudest gets the mommy." I'd give anything for a night described in # 2. Miss you Lynn - love reading about your adventures.