Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Worms be gone!

I guess it's really going to happen. The work in the bedroom that I talked about at the beginning of the summer. Remember that? Remember that construction guy I was waiting for? Yeah, he never came. But now we have AGUSTO! I so happy about this.

Sometimes in Italy you make plans for things, you have the best intentions and still you just know that it's not going to happen. Or at the very least it's not going to happen for a very long time. Take the water project that we Maberga people planned. I just had a feeling that that was too good to be true that we would have aquaduct water by the end of the summer. I didn't know the mayor was going to go to jail, and that would be the thing to hold up our project. But I did have that feeling that the water wouldn't be coming this summer.

It was the same with the work on the house. I just had that feeling that a number of unforeseen things would come in the way of my having a worm-free bedroom.

But now, I know it will happen. Here's my evidence.
1. Agusto is doing the work. Agusto is a friend of ours who also happens to be a muratore (constuction guy). He is honest, clever, a great worker and he does great work. Everyone knows this which is why we couldn't get him before. He's booked about a year in advance. We finally talked him into saying yes to doing the work about a month ago on the condition that we just wait until he has a whole in his schedule. It happened much sooner than we thought and we are thrilled. He stopped by yesterday to talk about the work and actually do things like plan where the big pile of sand for cement is going to go. Agusto said he's starting and his word is good.
2. Despite the fact that we have thunder every afternoon we never get any rain. Today we did. Evidence number two that we are planning house work. All the stuff that is currently in the bedroom (a bed, two wardrobes, bookshelves, a couch, two tables plus all our clothes, books, computer gear, etc) will need to go somewhere. Much of it outside, probably. It rained today, probaby every day that we will need to have things stored outside.
3. Immediately after Agusto left yesterday evening, my back inexplicably started to stiffen. By the end of the evening I could hardly walk. Today, more of the same. Remember evidence number 2 where I said all that stuff needs to be moved? Yep, I'm having back problems...the first time ever in my life and it's happening just as I need to start moving things.

I guess it's really going to happen.

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