Saturday, July 08, 2006


So, my “knitted bags” phase is over (at some point there will be a group shot and patterns are available to anyone that asks). I’ve moved onto, or back to would be more accurate, what has been a reoccurring interest of mine throughout my knitting tenure…little dollies.

As I was sitting there i-cording an arm (why are i-cords involved in everything I knit these days? As of a week ago I’d never made an i-cord and now I’ve done like 100…anyway, back to my post) I got to wondering about my interest in knitting little dolls. It’s quite contrary to my nature, actually. I tend to knit things that are useful like sweaters, and hats and checkerboards. Dolls?

Let’s pretend we’re at the therapist’s office for a minute, shall we?

Therapist: Lynn, could your unexplained interest in dolls come from something in your childhood?

Lynn: Well, Doc, do you mind if I call you doc? Looking back on it…I didn’t really play with dolls. I had one Barbie. Well, no, I didn’t have a Barbie – my sister had the Barbie, I was stuck with her shorter and much flatter cousin, Skipper. Skip was my only experience with dolls…except for that one time my sister let me play with her Barbie while we were in the car and I accidentally threw her out of the window where she was promptly run over by the car behind us resulting in her having one collapsed boob. Of course I'm talking about Barbie not my sister.

Therapist: So you seem to subconsciously relate dolls with breasts.

Lynn: Oh, look, Doc, our time is up! See you next week?

PS: Do I have you wondering if my knitted dolls are voluptuous? Judge for yourself:

Seems as though my interest in little dolls has more to do with finding a use for my “knitted egg cozies”. Remember them? Recognize those little sweaters that those little dolls are wearing?


  1. bigsis8:54 PM

    ACCIDENTALLY threw her out the window?!?! My ass!!!

  2. David must be on the road again.

    Getting a little goofy the all alone ???