Friday, January 19, 2007

A checklist

I love checklists. I frequently write them after I’ve already done a bunch of the things that I wanted to do just so feel good about accomplishments. I love making the checks.

For example, this one:

Finish stair well. CHECK !

2. Finish socks for David. CHECK !
(Yarn: Alpaca, found here. Pattern: Mine, yours too if you ask)

3. Finish gift bottle of Barolo with David in celebration of long awaited big stuff. CHECK!
(Some people say, "stick a fork in it. It's done!" I say, "It's done? Stick a candle in it.")

4. Begin washing dust off all the rest of the shit in our house after Agusto leaves. CHECK!

And, as my current favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut says,

5. “and so on”. CHECK

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