Thursday, January 25, 2007


So now I am a knitter on a deadline. I've done a lot of things in my life on deadlines...I'm quite good at deadlines (some might say they even bring me to task) but I can't say that I've ever really been happy about the deadlines.

Let’s think for a minute of papers, exams and thesis deadlines from school. Those suck. I always made them, but they did not make me happy.

How ‘bout work project deadlines, uhg. Those suck too.

Or maybe Christmas gift buying deadlines…those really suck. They suck enough to make gift giving not fun.

Or the ultimate…the 9:00 am deadline for having lesson plans prepared for 30 5-7 year olds, for the next six hours with the knowledge that you will have to meet this deadline for the next 180 quasi-consecutive days. Whoa. I need to sit down thinking about THAT.

As it turns out, for these book submissions there are, well, speaking frankly, INSANE deadlines (excuse me Katie or Michelle or anyone else at the nice book company that is publishing these books and is including my ideas). AND the deadlines don’t suck at all. I LOVE them. Due to the fact that my country of residence does not seem to stock English name yarns, even though they PRODUCE them, the week and a half deadline I had for two projects has been even further shortened as I wait for the specified yarn to arrive. And I’m still happy. Here’s why :

1. I can fall behind on household chores because of knitting if I want because “I have a deadline to meet”. Nice. I am able to look at the dirty kitchen floor and say, “ohhh, I’d love to wash that but I have to knit.” Nice.

2. I can knit until I have a SERIOUS crick in my neck and it’s ok to ask David for a neck rub because I wasn’t just knitting all day because I’m obsessed but rather because “I have a deadline to meet.” Nice.

3. I don't prepare anything for dinner which is a triple bonus because a. I don't have to prepare a dinner, b. I'm knitting instead because “I have a deadline to meet”. Nice. , c. we get to eat frozen hamburgers. This isn’t nice for David as he is not as fond of the frozen hamburgers as I am. (I know that you are thinking, “Gross!” but HEY, don’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried them with a little bacon and some nice cheese, perhaps a gorgonzola or a provalone)

Well, if those 3 reasons weren’t enough to express my joy at this deadline, well, I don’t know what to say. Now I need my knitter's rest so I must cut my blog short

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  1. oneofthedanes11:33 AM

    I agree with David! Hamburgers sucks!