Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a list of lists...

1. I feel that I should write a blog tonight, not because I have anything to say, but rather because:

a) I haven’t written anything real in a while.
b) I made a New Year’s resolution to blog more consistently. This reason doesn’t really exist, however since I am the child of teachers, the sister of a teacher, the wife of a teacher, a ton of my friends are teachers, and I have been a teacher myself, it’s pretty ingrained that the real New Year is in September. This does mean, however that you can expect some great writing in the autumn.
c) It’s only 9 pm, my husband is already asleep and we don’t own a tv.
d) See 3. b)

2. I suppose I could share some updates with you because:
a) I don’t have any witty stories to tell you.
b) Nothing has broken lately.
c) Well, there is no c, but, it’s ok because there is a d) in the next list and there was one in the last.

3. Here are some updates:
a) For those of you who are waiting on non-rusting T-pins and 2.25mm double pointed needles (that was just some bad knitting humor in case you didn’t understand), here are the answers to Sunday’s barrel-o-fun Who’s Who game.

the greek woodcutter

the Swiss flight attendant

the Danish pipemaker

Are you surprised?

b) I’m almost finished with these socks for my husband. So you know, this is a huge feat because he’s got some huge feet. You know what they say about men with big feet? Yep, they say, “boy, that’s a drag for his wife if she’s knitter.” (yep, that was more bad knitting humor). Anyway, because of his endowed feet, I’ve had a very difficult time ever finishing a pair of socks for him. I usually get to the place where, well, I am now (see 1. and read "distraction!"

That would be 1 sock done and half way through the huge feat part that is his second foot. Wish us both luck. (remember his “slocker” from November? Yep. Never finished the second one. Look familiar?)

c) Our favorite friend and construction guy, Agusto came back today to do some pre-tile work on the stairs. This forced David and my hand into selecting the tiles which David went to buy today. I’m not in love with them but who cares, at least I don’t have to knit them socks. I have, however realized that I AM in love with my stairwell and am sorely missing her tonight as she has a new layer of cement and we have to say off her. Perhaps I’ll knit her a nice runner. Probably not, but it’s a nice thought…like socks for my husband.
d) The new puppy is not housetrained yet. In case you were wondering.

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