Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feelin' groovy

Ya know, sometimes you just really feel good about things…just things in general. You know, you’re in a good mood and everything just seems cheery. Let me give you a few examples, in list form, of course…

1. indoor stairs. I know I know, I’ve been talking about them for months. But let me tell you, we went without again for about a week as Augusto (apparently I’ve been spelling – and PRONOUNCING his name wrong for about four years now. WRONG. Two u’s) laid the tiles and then David and I painted. What a freakin’ P-in-the-A it is to go outside to up and down! Just give it a try sometime. Now we have our stairs and they are beautiful.

2. We were invited to dinner at pals’ Franco and Lisa’s place tonight. Besides the lovely company, which is not inhibited at all by the fact that they speak mostly Calabrese (a dialect of Italian) and a little Italian and we speak American (a dialect of English…so we are told) and a little Italian. No problem….good food, good wine, nice people. You can’t really go wrong there. And, if anyone says anything that would offend another…no problem again! No one understands! Apart from this, it rained today so Franco couldn’t go to work. He and Lisa decided to come up to their garden/animal land in Maberga and kill a chicken. Fresh chicken for dinner. Franco had a cut on his thumb to prove it – Lisa, a few feathers in her hair (ok, I just made that last part up…about the feathers).

3. I’ve been holding out a little on you all. I’ve had two of my knitting designs chosen for books!!! I found out last week and have been trying to get appropriate yarn and make sure that it was all going to work (short deadlines, bad Italian post). It seems that it just might work out. So anyway, I spent the day busily knitting and pattern writing…it was terrific. Ok ok, I do that every day but to today’s exercises was added the additional drama of “the yarn that travels too much”…I need Rowan yarn for the pattern that will go into a book published in London. So here we have yarn, produced in Italy, sold in London, sent to Italy, to be knit up (by an American, who by the way is half german and half Calabrese but can not speak either german nor Calabrese), to be sent back to London (where, I hear, they speak English). It’s all really nice…all the craziness.

4. And now, I will wipe up all the Q pee from the floor and go to bed.

Che bella, la vita!

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  1. oneofthedanes11:44 AM

    I am so happy for you congratulations. And keep up the good work, so that we can all sit here and be proud of you and boust about knowing a famous person. Whouw!
    I have to tell you something that you might be envious about. The other day I bought 85 balls of yarn. 20 of them pure silk, the others cotton and mix of alpaca and acryl!! And here comes the best part: I paid only 1½ euro a peace. Is that not amazing?
    Apart from that my sweater with the domino pattern is almost finish and goes very well with the new pants that Teddy bougt for me. See this is a true fairytale from H.C.Andersens Denmark.