Friday, January 26, 2007

Se Fossi Rica...

Sometimes I like to play a little mental game called, “what would I do if I were rich?”* Of course, I’m speaking financially rich here because in most every other way (spiritual, emotional, family, friends, etc) I feel quite well off…but I digress.

Yes, it’s as you would expect…I play this game when I’m doing something that I really don’t enjoy doing and want desperately to pay someone else to do.

Here’s a little sample of how I come out on things:

Cooking? No, I’d still do that myself. If I let go of this task I might not ever get to eat frozen hamburgers.

Cutting my hair? No. I’d still do this myself, too. I like the random wonky styles that come only from the cutter not having any clue what she is doing and not being able to see the whole head. This leaves me cutting my own hair.

My nails? You betcha! I’d pay someone else. I would have a standing weekly appointment with Madge.

Laundry? No. I wouldn’t need to pay someone else to do that because David does it. If he wants to give up that job, that’s up to him. Ironing is a non-issue since both David and I appreciate the wrinkled look, or maybe better said is that we don’t care if others appreciate it or not.

Cleaning the house? Well, now, that’s a big one. I would still clean my own bathroom, that’s no biggie. But I would gladly pay someone else to wash the floors (‘specially when we have puppies around) – I hate doing that. And dusting, well, no one does that now so I could go either way on it.

Cleaning the car? Yes. I would definitely pay someone else. That is a job that, similar to dusting doesn’t get done by anyone currently. However, unlike dusting, the dirty car drives me nuts…so to speak.

Painting the house? Yes. There was a time when I really enjoyed this…but that time has passed as I discovered on this last round with the stairwell.

Taxes? Yes. I already pay someone else to do this. Taxes are awful.

I played the game today because of this task –

Typing knitting patterns? YESSSSS. I might even start paying someone else to do this even though I’m not rich (financially speaking). I have to say that I’m not a very bad typist BUT typing a knitting pattern sucks. If you’ve never tried it, imagine typing in Arabic with a lot more punctuation and headers. And proof reading it is akin to that of a computer program.

I’m off to proof read now.

Proof reading knitting patterns? Yes.

*Sometimes for added fun I try to play the game only in Italian. This is because “se fossi rica…” is one of the only subjunctive phrases I know.


  1. oneofthedanes12:14 PM

    Here is a dane teaching an english teacher italian language. The correct way is: se fosse (3. person singular) rico (1. person singular), ha ha. I can only tell you this because that is the only frase with fosse that Maj Britt (my italian teacher) has pumped into my head. Nice game though, dont you think?
    Be happy to proof read for you another time.

  2. thesameoneofthedanes11:51 AM

    Look at that busybody writing above. Not only is she not right, her argumentation is also bad. Must have had a bad day. She even manage to write about the help for proof read, as if it was about proof reading the blog. It wasn´t. It was proof read of the kntting patterns, I ment. Thanks for bearing with me.

  3. EarleinDenver4:19 PM

    That's an easy one for us. If we were rich we would move away from the zero degree snowy weather we have had for 6 weeks now to somewhere warm like San Remo. I see the weather forecast every day and it usually in the high 50's and sunny. HELP!