Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lava dreamin'

So, today I was dusting EVERYTHING due to Agusto’s work cutting and laying tiles on the stairs. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever again live in a house that doesn’t have a cm layer of construction dust covering everything. Anyway, I got to thinking about the stuff we have which, consequently needs dusting when it remains uncovered and tile cutting is happening in the vicinity. You know, the stuff that is around the house that you don’t even think about, and probably don’t even see any more even though it is in plain view all the time…until you have to dust it. The dust and the thoughts about the stuff that David and I have collected got me to thinking about a segment I heard on the BBC the other day about Vesuvius.

All these thoughts got me imagining what people 2000 years from now would think about how we lived our life if a volcano should cover and petrify the whole place in lava.

No, David is not out of town.

I came to the conclusion that the archeologists would determine that we were great traveling people who hosted dinner parties for hoards regularly. This would be based on the fact that we have an over abundance of travel guides and plates. Neither of these conclusions would be correct as we use neither of those collections.

A very astute digger would be able to conclude that we enjoy wine, as evidenced by our lack of wine glasses. This archeologist would have to be a wine drinker him/herself so as to know that only people who don’t use their wine glasses still have them. This conclusion about us would be correct.

This item would not confuse the future diggers too much. They would of course know what it is and figure that it was part of entertaining all those guests we have at all those dinner parties. And the wine-drinking archeologist would astutely add that, “there was a direct correlation, in the times of these people…and for all of history…between the entertainment level of such an instrument and the amount of wine consumed”.

They might be, however, perplexed as to why they found it in the bathroom.

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  1. Olive - Interesting perspective on a simple household task. Using your imagination that way may make the process of dusting more enjoyable. What on earth do you think they will summarize upon finding the knitting equipment?