Monday, September 12, 2011

awesome family and friends

Look who came to Maberga!!!!

That's my awesome cousin Beth and her awesome fella Doug.

Don't you guys think they look at home on the balcony of that house in upper Maberga? Yeah, me too. I think they should buy it and become our neighbors.

Awesome friends Augusto and Lina were engaged the whole time that Beth and Doug were here so when we couldn't find a time to have a dinner together they brought us up a gift of goat meat to cook. Good thing Doug knew what to do with it or that beast would be in the freezer.


Thanks, Bup and Doug for the visit. I do hope you come back soon. Just let me know what your offer is on that house up in Maberga and I'll let the owners know. Or if you just need me to reserve the Maberga chapel and our Frate for next June....


  1. Mike in Boulder8:20 PM

    OK, so now you have me curious about "the house in upper Maberga." Pictyre, pretty please???

    Mike in Boulder

  2. I'm curious too!

    Your cousins look fabulously happy!