Sunday, September 04, 2011

A girl's best friend...

Duct Tape

Yep, the poop tube broke again. In three places.

The "poop tube" is, of course the tube that takes water and everything else flushing down the toilet out. It runs down the side of our land (the tube) and goes, well, some where.

And ya want to hear the strangest part of the story? Just under the where the leaks were...a huge tomato plant was growing. A big healthy tomato bush that is way more robust than anything in my orto and was NOT planted there by me.

Come to your own conclusions. I have.


  1. Just shows we don't digest tomato seeds, Yes ?
    BTW Roger always called duct tape the Universal Solvent :) xx

  2. Our daughter gave My Honey a Father's Day card depicting a drawing of a roll of duct tape on the front and with the question: "What can usually be found in the basement and can fix everything?"

    Open card:
    Happy Father's Day!

    It was soooooooooo perfect.

    And, on another topic, I believe you are taking the "recycle, reuse" thing much too far with that tomato plant! :\