Monday, September 26, 2011

A Monday morning quiz....

Here are the questions. Good luck.

1. Is this not the coolest looking garden fork ever?

2. Should my house have a hole like this?

3. Can I let the dog sleep in the bed tonight when his feet look like this?

4. Can I please stop knitting with this yarn now?

5. If it's 90 degrees in late September, can I wear white linen if I live in a country that celebrates Labor Day in May?

6. Why does the faucet in my kitchen continue to drip after repeated visits from the plumber?

7. Should Mette give ME this beautiful scarf she made?

8. If I don't have another viola lesson for two weeks, do I have to practice tonight?


1. Oh my God, yes.

2. Ummm, no. Really, no.

3. Absolutely not, but you probably will anyway.

4. Yes. Please.

5. Stupid American etiquette doesn't apply outside of the 50-nifty, go ahead.

6. Who the fuck knows.

7. Oh my God, yes.

8. duh.

1 comment:

  1. oneofthedanes9:10 AM

    1. Agree
    2. put a stone wrapped in cement in that hole. You can do it, girl
    3. no, but now I know why you want to dy your sheats brown.
    4. It is still a nice yarn
    5. Of course
    6. did you try to change the rubber parts inside? If yes, buy a new rubinetta
    7. You know I already gave it away!
    8. YES