Thursday, March 02, 2006



I’ve been cursing that phrase for the past several days. How long ago was it when I last blogged about the water heater switch? Well, what I failed to mention that day was, when all was said and done – zero hot water, one unwanted shock permanent, four hours of precious knitting time lost, and one deflated confidence - I also lost the functioning of the overhead light.

So, for the past several days as I get up to pee in the middle of the night and wander into a dark bathroom, I curse loudly the man (and I’m SURE it was a man) who invented that hyphenated, hip phrase “do-it-yourself”. Yeah, I did-it-myself alright. Why wait for the overhead light switch to brake down on its own when you can DO-IT-YOURSELF?!


  1. bigsis9:01 PM

    Oh man Lynn-- I'm sorry!! Come live with me.

  2. olive--do you think all the electrical problems you're having could be related to the time your neighbor pulled out all the wiring in your house just prior to you and Dave moving in. i would sue.

  3. mettymentor11:04 AM

    Don´t cry, Lynn. Electricity in Italy AND stores telling/selling "do it yourself" in Italy are not easy things to deal with. We bought a switch for outside light last summer, as you might remember. It worked this way: Either all the time or not at all.
    Could you please, for my sake, stay away from these things, because I would like to have you around next time, I come to Italy!!!!

  4. Barb Giesen2:45 AM

    Hey, Lynn, it's great to read about your knitting and your adventure in Italy. I'm knitting and weaving a lot, and living on my own, so I have experiences like the switch on the water heater. Would you send me our e-mail address, so I can write you, I have some knitting questions. Thanks, Barb Giesen,