Monday, March 27, 2006


Yesterday Franco brought over these from his chickens:

Isn’t that nice? Bird flu, smerd shoo…I promptly fried up a couple of ‘em and had me some lunch. Not really being an egg connoisseur, ie: I don’t really claim to recognize the taste difference between a just hatched and a store bought ( I can, however tell by sight – one has chicken residue all over the shell and the other is clean with a date stamp on it … far as I know, Franco doesn’t own a stamp) . All I can say is that that lunch was damn fine.

Also, my English student Tiziana’s husband works at the Commune of Taggia (he had nothing to do with my deportation scare). He helps to organize the city festivals (I’m sure he does a lot more, I just don’t know what it is). Anyway, he asked me the other day if I want to participate in the Easter artisan market. Sure, why not?! So now I am frantically trying to pump out some stuff to fill a table.

The equation for this production looks like this:

(Lynn’s brain)[(Franco eggs) + (Easter artisan market)] = EGG COZIES!.

For those of you mathy people reading, the ! at the end of the equation was not meant to be a factorial, it was a literary exclamation of excitement. Sorry. I’m interdisciplinary.

I would really like to take credit for the design of these ingenious little items but I can not. They come from “Weekend Knitting” by Melanie Falick. I love this book. I think I have knit just about everything from it.

So, I think these will sell like hot omelets:

In case you don't understand what an egg cozy is, I'll explain. When you ( "you" if you are english because it's only the english, that I know of, who eat these - or else it would be "when one") make a soft boiled egg for breakfast, you place one of these fun sweaters on top and the egg stays warm until consumed.

Ok, they probably won't make me rich but they will gather attention to my table and maybe people will look at my sweaters.

Besides, there is always the Christmas market when the egg cozies magically transform (with a little help from my egg cozy hangers) into TREE ORNAMENTS!


  1. olive---you faked me out with the egg cozie stuff. i thought an egg cozie was an edible form of egg. another great blog. tell franco when i return to italy, i will bring him a date stamp. that's of course he promises not to cut your sanitary sewer line. he's been known to do that. those people from cozenza or is it cozenza a' cozenza??

  2. olive---one more thing. the [ symbol is the distributive property. bet you thought i didn't know that. and i didn't need any help with you fourth grade math formula.

  3. bigsis11:43 PM

    I don't recall the distributive property. I must have been absent that day. I think the cozies are beautiful!! The'll sell like hotcakes!!!!!!