Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sometimes a girl just wants a new bag

Yesterday I went to visit our friend Flavio in the hospital. Poor guy - took the day off of work on Friday and ended up breaking his ankle in three places when his vespa fell on him. I’m sure that employers everywhere would say that there is a lesson in that. I say, yeah, there is a lesson! Italian healthy care won’t LET him go back to work for 3 months! In fact, they even have “health police” who come around to your house to make sure you are really at home. At the hospital Flavio, his girlfriend Mercedes, and I were talking about the differences between health care in the US and the Italian system. I was all set this morning to write an in-depth, intellectual, compare and contrast essay about the two systems but sometimes a girl just wants a new bag.

So I made this:

And I’m so pleased with myself that this is what I’m writing about instead.

Look! Here’s the back:

Here it is in action:

Doesn’t it hold that ball of yarn nicely? I think so, too.

In case any of you are really curious about the health care comparisons, I didn’t really have that much to say anyway. Basically in Italy they take much better care of you and your health actually seems to come before the bottom line (your employer’s or the HMO’s) but being in the hospital gives the impression of something out of WWII.

Well, that’s about it. I’m off to work on that pair of socks that is so nicely contained in my new bag.


  1. mentormetty7:20 PM

    Talking about health care systems, Denmark used to boast, that they have the best. Let me tell you all after having broken my neck for the second time: "It`s not true".
    In Denmark we are fast at taking after USA, meaning that here it is now only at premisses of the employer or the taxmoney. Somehow the taxmoney in our system is used for the illnesses that often occurs to the people doing politics, if you know what I mean. It definetely does not go to people on pension (as I am) or people who are suffering from an illness that is not "fashion". Let me tell you one thing: In Denmark rehab after injury is not fashion, it is just to endure!!!! That is why I go to Italy this summer even though I have to pay there. They do in fact still tell you what to do if you´re sick instead of asking: "What is your opinion? and make you sign that you actually said that.
    Anyway love your bag, and you are right; I am proud of you. Looks like you improved your skills of using a sewingmachine.

  2. olive---loved your new bag. can't say that i'm equally enthralled with the color, but the design is very nice. would love to read a compare and contrast of the health care systems in the u.s. and italy. my take is that you don't know enough to have an intellectual opinion. is that true? nice talking to you.