Saturday, March 18, 2006

just some updates...but not many...Thank God

David comes home tomorrow. Thank God. I've missed him AND the dog is getting on my nerves. And the cats are, too. Seems that all I've done since he's left is feed animals. The other day there were three cats and a dog sleeping in my kitchen/living room...I thought to myself "whoa, thank god for David or I would be one of those women". You know the type...way more animal contact than human, little personal hygeine, and a lot of pom poms everywhere.

My title promised some updates. I don't have any. Nothing has happened since the libretto...thank God, again. My sister wrote the other day and asked if anything new in my house has broken. Grazie a Dio, no. Well, I can't seem to turn the pellet stove off but, while it's cold outside and I want it on more than I want it off, that doesn't seem to me as something broken. Ask me again in June when it is 90 degrees and I might have a different answer.

I've been into socks in the past couple of days...I have some really nice pictures of the socks I've made but for some reason blogger won't let me post them. I know it will kill you, this anticipation, but you'll just have to wait.

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