Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Woman's Day

Well, Day of the Woman was really yesterday but I didn't get to blogging yesterday. I was too busy being treated like the incredible, smart, strong, beautiful queen of a woman that I am. Coffee in bed, all dished done for me, the kitchen floor was washed - all this to demonstrate to me how appreciated I am.

Actually it went more like this...

wake up, normal day, normal day, go to first lesson of the day and student says, "did you get some flowers for woman's day?", I said, "no", normal day normal day, I go home, "David, today is woman's day." "Happy woman's day, honey. Do you want some flowers?"

The kitchen floor is still dirty but you don't notice because all you see when entering the house are these

Day of the woman here in Italy is quite celebrated. These beautiful yellow flowers are THE gift for the women in your life and you can't find a woman walking around town without a bunch of them in their hands. They are called mimmosa. Maybe you can't tell from my very small picture but they are very Suessian in that they are a collection of yellow puff pom poms (there seems to be a pom pom theme developing here on my blog ... for those of you who are questioning this new found fondness of mine for pom poms, I can only explain it as it relates in my mind to Dr. Suesse...not cheerleaders). Luckily for David, we have almost as many mimmosa trees growing around our house as we do olive trees.

Unrelated to any of these, but yesterday I actually finished (except for the cool "olive" designer label) the Colorbomb.

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