Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From Olive's Kitchen...

Recipe for Bits-n-Bobs Colorbomb Sweater


1 extra large sack - yarn bits-n-bobs
16 days - knit two, purl two ribbing
11 days - home alone on the side of a mountain
1 fresh puppy (no older than 5 months)
1 March 10th designer submission deadline (optional)

Pre-heat house to 70 degrees. I find that pellets work the best but if you must, you can use central heat.

Begin with the ribbing -- knit 2, purl 2 thoroughly for 16 days. Make sure to not cut corners on the length of time of this step and do not add any imagination or creativity at this point. This is very important for the Colorbomb creative yeasts to have sufficient time to rise during this monotony. Put ribbing in a closet (or a sack under the bed if your house has no closets). Set creative starter aside.

In a large basket, dump contents of extra large sack of bits-n-bobs. Slowly add 11 days of being alone on the mountainside along with the starter. Once creative juices begin to flow, add the puppy. The result here, you will find, will be a minimum of 18 walks a day. Again, very helpful for the creative juices to have time to stew while you enjoy these 18 breaks per day in the natural world.

Finally, add the submission deadline. This is optional based on the chef’s preference. I like to add it or the Colorbomb will end up under the bed at some state of incompleteness.

Weave in all ends and wear.

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